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Foil Dinner Recipes




  • Just a touch of garlic salt makes a lot of difference. Look at the labels in the stores you will see that onion and garlic are part of almost everything! It doesn't take much to make it great.


  • Use cabbage leaves to wrap it all in before wrapping in foil. A little catsup or slices of onion makes a good addition.


  • Add Cream of Mushroom soup, it adds taste as well as additional moisture. A couple of tablespoons will do just fine.


  • How about BBQ sauce, Worchester sauce, Heinz 57 sauce or even Italian dressing?


  • Spices ... a measuring teaspoon of Italian seasoning, curry powder or chili powder adds a flare. Try combining BBQ and chili powder; or Italian dressing and Italian seasoning.


  • Instead of hamburger, try Pork Loin, or Boneless Chicken Breast!   Also vary the vegetable ingredients to include slices of tomato, and/or bell peppers. BBQ sauces may be included also.  If you use chicken, try pineapple slices with mild BBQ sauce.  Ground turkey can be used instead of ground beef, and is "healthier".


  • Substitute Mrs. Dash, garlic pepper, Montreal seasoning, or any other favorite general- purpose seasoning for the pretty dull salt and pepper usually found in a foil dinner. Add celery, green beans, and onions into our dinners for some additional variety. Substitute chicken for the beef, and making a pseudo stir-fry dinner using stir-fry oil instead of butter and spices.


  • Also, consider replacing the hamburger meat with stew meat, cubed steak, or chicken or turkey breasts cut into stew meat sized cubes. As to spices, consider adding a part of a clove of fresh garlic. Smash it first.  Consider adding soy sauce, teriyaki, or plain old steak sauce.  Try adding small dough balls of biscuit mix for dumplings.


  • Add a dash of Wyler's boullion granules. These add significantly to the flavor. I typically use Seasoned Salt instead of just plain salt. One of the main flavor ingredients, Onions. Anything in the onion family can add lots of flavor, try scallions or green onions. Garlic (salt, powder, crushed) can add a nice flavor.


  • Cook potatoes & onions in other foil packs.  For dessert. Take a banana; slice in lengthwise in the peel. Insert butter and brown sugar into the slit. Wrap & bake.


  • Try boneless chicken breasts, green peppers, onion, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, in a cream of mushroom sauce. They are cooked the same way as your foil packs, but are gourmet quality!!


  • One that we tried is the chicken with instant rice and cream of celery soup (undiluted). I thought it was good and it cooks up quick. You can also try baked Apples with sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Bisquick mix is good for individual biscuits just coat the foil with butter or oil before you plop the biscuit dough on the foil keeps it from sticking. Baked potatoes are good and you can put cheese,butter,etc on after they are cooked.




  • Do NOT, REPEAT NOT use cheese in your recipes, unless put on after cooking. The cheese will warm and separate and the oil will catch fire or cook the food faster than expected.


  • It may cost a bit more too, but try to keep your meats lean and let the veggies add the moisture necessary.


  • Also, have some extra bread and cheese slices available as there will inevitably be an accident or two (broken foil-food in fire), and a few people who will not be to happy with the final product.


  • Don't forget extra utensils as you'll be moving a lot of packages around.





Drugstore Wrap

Use two layers of light-weight, or one layer of heavy duty aluminum foil. Foil should be large enough to go around food and allow for crimping the edges in a tight seal. This will keep the juices and steam in. This wrap is known as the "drugstore" wrap.

A shallow bed of glowing coals that will last the length of cooking time is necessary.


Cooking Times:

Hamburger: 8-12 minutes,                                                   Carrots: 15-20 minutes

Chicken pieces: 20-30 minutes,                                            Whole Apples: 20-30 minutes

Hotdogs: 5-10 minutes,                                                       Sliced potatoes 10-15 minutes


Lay slices of potatoes, onion, and carrots on a sheet of heavy-duty foil then place hamburger patty on top. Cover with slices of potato, onion, and carrots. Season with butter, salt and pepper. Cook 20-30 minutes over hot coals, turning twice during cooking.


Also good are hollow vegetables stuffed with ground beef or a ground beef/rice mixture. Green peppers, onions and tomatoes work well. Cut the top off of the green peppers or tomatoes, remove the innards leaving just the fleshy outer part, and stuff with whatever you want inside. For onions, hollow out the inner sections leaving about 1/4 inch of the outer sections. I've seen the veggies cooked both in foil and also put directly on the coals. Some people like these hollowed out vegetables with a tuna fish mixture in them (hot or cold).


  • For flavor you can lay a single piece of bacon across the bottom of the pocket (or leave it out if you so choose).
  • Cut the meat into small pieces. This is not necessary for ground meat patties.
  • For a 4 ounce portion of meat, you'll have another 12 ounces of vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, string beans, onion slivers, squash, cauliflower, etc.
  • Before you close the foil pocket, add 1 tablespoon of water and seasonings.
  • Place the packs on the coals when they are ready to cook.
  • Alternatively, you can use broth in place of the water and spices.
  • After cooking, carefully open both ends of the foil packet first. Allow the hot steam to escape from the foil packet. Then open the top of the foil packet.
  • You can eat right out of the foil packet to minimize on dishes!







Sausage                                               Hash brown potatoes

Egg                                                      Salt, pepper and spices to taste


Place potatoes, scrambled egg (doesn't need to be cooked) sausage patty and spices in foil. Wrap securely. Place on coals for 15 minutes.





In a square piece of heavy duty aluminum foil place enough of each of the following to make one serving:


Sliced ham

Sweet potatoes




Surround the ham slices with the other ingredients on the foil then add 1 tablespoon of syrup or honey. Fold using "drugstore" wrap to hold in the juice. Cook package on hot coals for approximately 15 minutes on each side.






I have seen a pizza pocket dinner, made with those packages of 'flat' dough (those tubes from The Dough Boy). You take the flat dough, and fill the center with pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese, with optional mushroom, olives etc. Fold it over to enclose the 'goodies' and wrap in 2 layers of foil. 'BAKE' 10 minutes on each side, and you might have a pizza pocket.




For variety, try peeled shrimp or scallops, snow peas, strips of red pepper, sliced mushrooms, thin slice of ginger root. This cooks rather quickly, usually in less than 10 minutes depending on size of shrimp or scallops. Any type fish steak chunks cook up well with a thin slice of lemon.




Chunks of ham, sweet potatoes (par boiled), pineapple. As soon as it comes out of fire, I add a few mini-marshmallows on top.


Upside Down Ham,


Ham pieces or steak, Pineapple slices (or tidbits) dash of teriyaki sauce (or marinade) and mixed vegetables to taste.


Ham & Potatoes Au Gratin:


Cubed Ham, chopped Potato, Onions, Grated cheese of your choice.




Try using boned chicken instead of hamburger. Cooking time is the same; add a small amount of water or soy sauce to replace the water found in hamburger.


One of the best foil meals I had included a combination of chicken breasts, shrimp, snow peas, celery, and bean sprouts. Similar to a stir-fry. The meat was place on the bottom (by the way, the chicken had been slightly cooked prior to going), with the veggie’s on top. Couple of dashes of Teriyaki sauce, some spices (tarragon and others from a pre-mix spice jar). Do not turn it over; I let the veggie’s cook in the heat from the meat. They were still slightly crunchy, almost steamed.


Lemon Chicken

Take a whole chicken.

Brush with melted butter. Take a whole lemon, slice, squeeze juice over chicken.

Sprinkle generously with Lemon & Herb spice.

Put leftover lemon peel & pulp inside chicken with slices of onion.

Wrap in foil. Cook until done. 40-60 minutes.




Marinated Fajita Meat (Beef, Chicken), Onions, and Green Peppers. Serve on tortillas with cheese, salsa, etc....




Core small to medium potato, insert a small pre-cooked sausage or wiener. Wrap in foil, set in hot ashes to bake. Takes 45-90 minutes to cook. Remove and slice top and add cheese, chili or fixings of your choice.





Cook up a pot of chili (homemade or canned). Buy individual size bags of Doritos or something similar. Cut an X on front of bag and open. Put chili on top of the chips, and shredded cheese. And you have portable lunchtime nachos/tacos. This was in my Crafting Traditions Magazine.





Pork Chops                                                          Lemon slices

Brown sugar                                                        Pepper

Ketchup                                                               Onion

Place pork chop on heavy foil sheet. On top of each pork chop, put a pinch of pepper, 2 thin slices of lemon, 1 heaping tbs. of brown sugar and 2 tbs. ketchup. Fold foil to keep in juices. Cook on low to medium fire for 20 - 30 minutes. Turn once.  Great served with rice!




1 Apple (Granny Smith or other tart apple is best)            Dash of cinnamon

1 Tsp. butter                                                        Dash of nutmeg

1 Tbsp. Brown sugar                                            Raisins (optional

Cut apple in half and core. Keep skin on. In the cored areas place butter, brown sugar and raisins. Sprinkle with spices. Put two halves together and wrap well in foil. Place in hot coals and cook for 10 minutes or while eating supper. Carefully remove from fire and unwrap onto plate. Use a spoon or fork to eat.




In center of 18" x 18" square of heavy or doubled foil, place one teaspoon of oil and one tablespoon of popcorn. Bring foil corners together to make a pouch. Seal the edges by folding, but allow room for the popcorn to pop. Tie each pouch to a long stick with a string and hold the pouch over the hot coals. Shake constantly until all the corn has popped. Season with salt and margarine. Or soy sauce, or melted chocolate, or melted peanut butter, or melted caramels or use as a base for chili.




Split a banana lengthwise leaving the peel on. Fill with three marshmallows and chocolate chips. Wrap in aluminum foil set on hot coals for two minutes.









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