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A plain French omelet is, perhaps, one of the most difficult of all things to

make; that is, it is the most difficult to have well made in the ordinary

private house. Failures come from beating the eggs until they are too light,

or having the butter too hot, or cooking the omelet too long before serving.

In large families, where it is necessary to use a dozen eggs, two omelets

will be better than one. A six−egg omelet is quite easily handled. Do not

use milk; it toughens the eggs and gives an unpleasant flavor to the omelet.

An "omelet pan," a shallow frying pan, should be kept especially for

omelets. Each time it is used rub until dry, but do not wash. Dust it with salt

and rub it with brown paper until perfectly clean.

To make an omelet: First, put a tablespoonful of butter in the middle of the

pan. Let it heat slowly. Break the eggs in a bowl, add a tablespoonful of

water to each egg and give twelve good, vigorous beats. To each six eggs

allow a saltspoonful of pepper, and, if you like, a tablespoonful of finely

chopped parsley. Take the eggs, a limber knife and the salt to the stove.

Draw the pan over the hottest part of the fire, turn in the eggs, and dust over

a half teaspoonful of salt. Shake the pan so that the omelet moves and folds

itself over each time you draw the pan towards you. Lift the edge of the

omelet, allowing the thin, uncooked portion of the egg to run underneath.

Shake again, until the omelet is "set." Have ready heated a platter, fold over

the omelet and turn it out. Garnish with parsley, and send to the table.

If one can make a plain French omelet, it may be converted into many,

many kinds.






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